Spring Boot ConfigurationProperties is letting developer maps the entire. For example. Nice article! Just a simple question, when you are working with ConfigurationProperties, the variable names must match the properties keys, right? Thanks for this, very helpful. What would be the best approach to test a service that is injecting the class with the ConfigurationProperties as a dependency?

How should we go about to mock the properties?

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As of Spring Boot 1. They are parsed as regular properties files. Thanks for nice article Mkyong, but I have a question. I want to have some defaults in case properties are not mentioned in properties file. How can I get defaults along with ConfigurationProperties.

I was reading about Value annotation which can provide defaults option, but these two are not mixing up together and I am getting error. Hi : Thanks, as usual your post are quite precise and informative. One question — is there any way I can populate Spring-Config. For eg : application. Though in log I could see the application. I am looking for a example which I add properties to property file dynamically. I meant that, Properties with proper formatted such as.

When I search in google. I noticed the pom file for this project has thymeleaf dependencies and the project name as Spring Boot Web Thymeleaf Example.

I you could update your pom with the minor changes that would be cool. Thank you for all of your hard work. In my way to start thinking with Spring boot this made me understand how to solve my problem in a very effective way!

Thank you. Numerous other blogs have no mention of that. Had been tirelessly trying to find just that for a couple of days now. Property: asynchronous-helper.In Spring Boot, it picks. Multiple profiles. Follow him on Twitter. If you like my tutorials, consider make a donation to these charities. This article is quite helpful! Though, I have to extends org.

ServerProperties to make things worked. Otherwise, bean instance spring autowired exception is thrown. I am having the same issue. Do anyone know the solution? Look like by default spring boot picks only application. Getting exceptions when executing the code java. S The application.

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If you want to test the YAML file, please rename it back to application. Sir, How to configure properties other than spring,hibernate,jpa and logging in yaml file. Hi Mkyong, Thanks for this article.

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I am facing an issue now, may be you have some solution for that. So I have two files like : application. I have tried to override properties of application.

But I am not able to override properties of application-local. Please share the solution for this. Hi, just as an update, the issue is resolved with spring environment properties.

Spring Boot — Profile based properties and yaml example. By mkyong March 11, Updated: March 11, Note Spring Boot, the default profile is defaultwe can set the profile via spring. Read all published posts by mkyong. Most reacted comment. Hottest comment thread. Recent comment authors. Durgadas Kamath. Amit Pamecha. Spring Boot should configured everything for you.YAML includes block collections which use indentation for scope.

Here, each entry begins with a new line. Block sequences in collections indicate each entry with a dash and space. Block collection in YAML can distinguished from other scalar quantities with an identification of key value pair included in them.

How to load YAML data and map to Java Objects in SnakeYAML?

Mappings are the representation of key value as included in JSON structure. It is used often in multi-lingual support systems and creation of API in mobile applications. Mappings use key value pair representation with the usage of colon and space :. With collections, YAML includes flow styles using explicit indicators instead of using indentation to denote space.

The flow sequence in collections is written as comma separated list enclosed in square brackets. The best illustration for collection which is included in PHP frameworks like symphony.

These collections are stored in documents. The separation of documents in YAML is denoted with three hyphens or dashes The end of document is marked with three dots …. The separation of documents in YAML is denoted by three dashes The end of document is represented with three dots ….

spring boot yaml map of objects example

A question mark with a combination of space indicates a complex mapping in structure. Within a block collection, a user can include structure with a dash, colon and question mark.

Previous Page. Next Page. Previous Page Print Page.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I have a problem similar to that described in Mapping list in Yaml to list of objects in Spring Boot except that I would like to vary the identifier of least one of the fields in my object from the corresponding key name used in YAML.

I was hoping that the Value annotations would allow me to inject the corresponding property values, but this does not seem to work injection of the 'id' field seems to work just fine. There are several reasons why I might want to do this - e. Just name fields in the inner POJO same as in configuration file and this should work:. There would be option to use plain Value annotation, but your gateway count would need to be hard-coded:.

Learn more. Asked 4 years ago. Active 2 years, 11 months ago. Viewed 14k times. Is there a way to do this with Value or any other annotation? Thank you. You don't need the Value at all. Nested objects are taken into account automatically.

Using rationlaurila.pw file in SpringBoot Framework

Thank you for your quick response, Mr. I already have getters and setters for numInputs and numOutputs. I could, of course, change the fields in the Gateway class to 'nbrInputs' and 'nbrOutputs', but I am interested in knowing whether I can make it work without doing so.

No, you can't do that. The primary purpose of ConfigurationProperties is to bind the environment to an object model, there is no "translation in between". Having said that, nobody prevents you from creating such object yourself and translate it to the "real" type.

Active Oldest Votes. Thank you for your response. That will indeed work. I have edited the original question to clarify this intent. Hi luboskrnac, please look into stackoverflow. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown.Spring Profiles help developers to create multiple configurations details for different environments. In Spring Boot, the default profile is default, we can set the profile via spring.

Maven dependency In this Spring Boot Profiles Yaml Properties example, we are using two dependencies: spring-boot-starter and spring-boot-starter-test. Load resource properties using ConfigurationProperties Read the properties or yaml files later.

Note : This demonstrates for the. Thus, the properties file is renamed to avoid conflicts. If you want to test. Download complete source code, click link below spring-boot-profiles-yaml-properties.

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. ConfigurationProperties; import org. ConfigurationProperties. Component. ConfigurationProperties "server". ServerProperties; import org. Autowired; import org. CommandLineRunner; import org. SpringApplication; import org. ServerProperties. Autowired. CommandLineRunner. SpringApplication. SpringBootApplication. Post Views: 7, Share 7. ConfigurationProperties ; import org. Autowired ; import org.

CommandLineRunner ; import org. SpringApplication ; import org.In my Spring Boot app I have application. I want to have it injected as a Configuration object with list of channel configurations:. And Configuration object I want to be populated with list of PaymentConfiguration objects:. I am injecting this as a normal bean with Autowired constructor.

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Value of xyz is populated correctly, but when Spring tries to parse yaml into list of objects I am getting. Referring to Gokhan Oner answer, once you've got your Service class and the POJO representing your object, your YAML config file nice and lean, if you use the annotation ConfigurationProperties, you have to explicitly get the object for being able to use it.

Like :. And then here you go. It's simple as hell, but we have to know that we must call the object getter.

spring boot yaml map of objects example

I was waiting at initialization, wishing the object was being built with the value but no. Hope it helps :. I had referenced this article and many others and did not find a clear cut concise response to help. I am offering my discovery, arrived at with some references from this thread, in the following:.

And in my logs the name and matching url's were logged. This was developed on another machine and thus I had to retype all of the above so please forgive me in advance if I inadvertently mistyped. I hope this consolidation comment is helpful to many and I thank the previous contributors to this thread!

spring boot yaml map of objects example

Value of xyz is populated correctly, but when Spring tries to parse yaml into list of objects I am getting nested exception is java. IllegalStateException : Cannot convert value of type [ java.

String ] to required type [ io. I had much issues with this one too. I finally found out what's the final deal. I am offering my discovery, arrived at with some references from this thread, in the following: Spring-Boot version: 1.

You don't need constructors You don't need to annotate inner classes RefreshScope have some problems when using with Configuration. How to efficiently iterate over each entry in a Java Map?GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

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spring boot yaml map of objects example

From the Backend I want to put some properties through to the Frontend. Most of my properties are only used by the frontend so that I don't have Java-Beans for all of the Properties, and it is not suitable to create them all.

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I also have configrued my Application to read the yml-Files correctly into my application and that works fine, except of one exception:. In Java, Springs makes from the List Mr. I debuged the Spring-Code and found the code-line where the Map is created.

The Map was created in org. YamlProcessor with the comment Need a compound key. Is it possible to keep the ArrayList wich is the datatype from yml and don't convert it to a Map with a compound key? Didn't I answer to that already in the issue you've created in the Spring Framework tracker? Your map should be mapped on gui. The Problem is, that I can't map on a more specific property since the Structure should be generic and not bound to a Java-Class as we only put it through to the frontend.

In the Class org. The question is if it is really necessary and why. Can't it be untouchted and be an ArrayList? Rather than using Objectyou should use a series of rich types for your configuration.

In Boot, we often structure these as nested inner classes. In your case, I'd expect to see something like this:. It sounds like you're trying to mix a type that's used for configuration properties with a type that's part of your service's API. I wouldn't recommend doing that as it restrict what you can change without breaking something. Configuration data is structured and, as described above, there are benefits to provide a set of rich types for it so I would recommend that you do so. If you also need to send that configuration data to a front end, then you should map it to another type that's specifically part of the service's public API or plug in some custom serialisation so that the format of your configuration data isn't directly coupled to the format of the responses sent to your front end.

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Copy link Quote reply. So I hava a. Where the Map comes from The Map was created in org. YamlProcessor with the comment Need a compound key The Question: Is it possible to keep the ArrayList wich is the datatype from yml and don't convert it to a Map with a compound key?

This comment has been minimized. Sign in to view. You said, that I should raise a Ticket on the Github Issuetracker: this is the issue tracker of the Spring Framework, please use the Spring Boot issue tracker instead.