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Solving ECU Options For Your LT Or LS Engine Swap With EFILive

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True rubber mounts - a positive upgrade over cushy, factory-installed fluid-filled mounts. Mfg : KT. Availability: In Stock. Priced each.The number of vehicles that are now receiving either LS or LT engines is amazing. Thanks to companies such as EFILiveenthusiasts can enter into the world of electronic engine controls and traverse the tides with great success.

Just like formulating a winning combination for any engine, properly selecting from the vast offerings of slightly-used engines and controllers can be done with a little knowledge and research. There have been several upgrades to the LSx line since they were introduced in the late-nineties, both to the engines and the controllers that drive them.

General Motors has used various controllers since the LS1 was introduced in However, in my experience, the modifications have to be pretty extreme.

This ensures that you will have the necessary ECU to make the engine operate as it was designed, including the option for cam-phasing and Displacement On Demand cylinder deactivationif you choose to use that technology. One thing not recommended to bring along from your take-out engine is the harness, for several reasons.

Sure, it might be easier to make it part of the deal, but it also incorporates a lot of extra wiring and additional circuits that you may not use. Plus, can you really be sure that it was gently removed from the donor vehicle? Think about all of the connections and potential for hazards.

If you were to go with an aftermarket harness from a company such as Speartech or Howell Engine Developments, Inc. How do you know which one works?

e92 ecm mount

If you know what the engine was removed from, they have a comprehensive listing of each ECU as it was used in each application.

You can simply look up the donor vehicle and see what ECU it came with. It also helps to know what you wish to do with your engine. That means, while appearance and capability has changed over the years, the basic platform for how the ECU operates has been fairly stable since the LS engine was introduced.

In addition to having the ability to handle electronic throttle control, the LS1 PCM Powertrain Control Module incorporated an entirely new, and significantly more sophisticated, engine control architecture. With literally hundreds of calibration tables, Gen III and later controllers offer far more precise control of engine and transmission operation than previous generations of PCMs or ECMs.

Whether LS or LT-based, the latest offerings from General Motors have found their way under the hoods of almost every make and model car, boat and even aircraft! Of course, noting transmission control is important, since for the Corvette, GM scrapped the single Powertrain Control Module concept in favor of separate engine and transmission controllers. ECUs for the Gen III LS engines utilize a 24x reluctor wheel on the crankshaft and have the cam position sensor in the block, at the rear of the intake.

Gen IV engines have a front-mounted cam position sensor and use a 58x wheel on the crankshaft aside from a few oddball transition-year models utilizing the E40 ECM — those have a 24x but the front-mounted cam sensor. You can tell the reluctor wheel tooth count by the color of the sensor used to read it, tooth wheels use a black sensor and tooth versions use a gray sensor.In this article I will show you how to replace left and right BMW E90 xi, xi or xi engine mounts.

A bad engine mount will cause excessive engine vibration felt through the steering wheel as well as a clunk when the car starts up. This project was done on a xi, AWD system definitely makes it a little harder to replace the driver's side engine mount.

To remove the engine mounts you will need to lift up the engine. N52 engine has a threaded hole in the cylinder head, right next to the oil filter housing. I screwed in a tow hook from an older BMW into the cylinder head in order to hook an engine hoist to the engine. It is best to replace engine mounts one at a time. If you unbolt both engine mounts at the same time you will not be able to lift the engine up high enough to remove the engine mounts. By keeping one engine mount bolted up you are basically tilting the engine, as you are lifting it with a hoist, to one side allowing for more clearance between the engine mount arm and the subframe.

Unclip the wiring from the cowl. I am going to replace the driver's side mount first. Raise the engine a few inches.

e92 ecm mount

Be sure to use a reliable hoist with a strong chain. Be safe, if something like a chain brakes the engine could fall on your hands while you are in there taking the mount out. As you can see in this picture, the mount is loose but there is no space to get it out without removing the cover for the fuel lines. Remove the 3 nuts and remove the cover.

Unbolt the bracket that holds the fuel lines to the chassis. Now you should have a big enough opening to remove the driver's side engine mount. Install the new engine mount, drop the engine and bolt everything up. Passenger side engine mount is pretty easy to replace. Be sure the driver's side mount is bolted up or you won't be able to lift the engine high enough to remove the mount.

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Remove the cabin air filter housing. Unbolt the cowl. Unclip the engine wiring harness from the cowl. Remove the cowl and remove the engine acoustic cover. Install a hook for the engine hoist. I used a tow hook from an older BMW.

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Remove the under car shield, including the shield that covers the transmission. Unbolt the engine mount from the subframe. Unbolt the engine mount from the engine arm.

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Unbolt the ground strap from the engine mount arm. Unbolt the mount from the subframe. Lift the engine and remove the mount.If an application requires high efficiency, variable speed, and low noise, a Genteq ECM motor could be the right solution for your HVAC and commercial refrigeration needs.

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GM E92 ECM Programming Harness

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Has anyone seen anything like this before? I know the BCM will fail the immobilizer setup and some other self tests Thanks! Replied to your email. LT1 and LT4 applications.

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First attempt to get the computer to take on a VIN on its own resulted in the original posts outcome. I am somewhat worried the SDGM was not properly setup, and perhaps need to re flash all of the modules again. Im not sure that dropping down to the E92 ECM would be the answer? Pictured is what HPTuners reports to meand my ghetto rigged bench tuning setup. Have not been able to write a VIN to a blank one on the bench yet though. Screenshot Make sure you are properly terminating the CAN bus and that you are powering E92 properly.

I will take a look on mine and get back to you. This feedback should go back to HP Tuner as well and they can make changes for next release.

Before running a command to write a VIN it is necessary to do code clear first. During same key cycle subsequently you can rewrite a VIN. Attempting to write a VIN before executing code clear will not work.

Step by Step Process. Connect your scanner to your ECM same as connect to vehicle 2. Go to Diagnostic and Info yellow engine icon and select clear codes 3.

Your VIN is now written. Key off and let ECM go to sleep. Not sure what is the purpose for the BCM in your setup? Your DLC can go directly on that bus but make sure it is 60ohm terminated bus. Fire your dealership Tech, he has no clue what he is talking about.Shop Vehicles FAQ. Online Payments.

All Rights Reserved. Built with Volusion. Now available is the 10L90 floor mount tap shifter! Similar in basic function to our popular 6L80 floor mount tap shifter, this new unit controls tap shifting in a separate gate instead of a switch on the knob. Slide the shifter over to the left from drive and you're in the tap shift gate. Just nudge the shifter forward to upshift, and nudge back to downshift.

Slide the shifter over to the right, and normal automatic gear changes will resume. This shifter comes with the shifter cable, the cable bracket which mounts to the transmission, the shifter cable to gear selector lever, 2 bolts for the cable securing tabs, wiring pigtail, and the shifter knob with boot.

Our 10L90 tap shift relay module is required for use of tap shift functions and is included. Take full control of your 8L90's up shifts and down shifts with our in-house modified tap shift shifter! Includes the cable and brackets.

The shifter cable length is approximately 57 inches. Available in black or tan. Add pigtail? Select "Yes" if you're not using a Speartech powertrain harness. Looking for a shifter for your 8L90 transmission?


Check out ours here! This shifter is unlike others you will find online, trying to duplicate our setup.

Aftermarket Products

Only our in-house developed assembly offers the correct brackets for proper cable alignment during swap use, and when coupled with our in-house TCM programming, you are left with a properly functioning package ready to work for you!

We have finally developed a solution to enable the tap shift and reverse light function when using an 8L90E or 10L90E in your swap project! The CAN relay is included with our 10L floor mount tap shifter. Tap Shift is enabled when you shift into manual mode Mwhich is one gear below drive D. To exit manual mode, simply shift back up into drive and the transmission will resort back to regular automatic shifting conditions. Tap Shift will still function in DRIVE mode with non Corvette based tunes, but will time out after approximately 8 seconds of inactivity, and resume back to automatic gear changes.

Comes with an instruction sheet for easy installation.Due to shipper and supplier delays, your order may take longer to arrive. If you are an international customer who ships to a US address choose "United States delivery" and we will estimate your ship dates accordingly.

If you are an international customer and would like to change the currency that prices are displayed in, you can do so here. Image is a representation of this item.

e92 ecm mount

Actual item may vary. Change Currency. Estimated International Date Check Fit. Brand: Chevrolet Performance. Manufacturer's Part Number: Part Type: Computer Mounting Brackets. UPC: Mounting Bracket Material: Plastic. Mounting Bracket Finish: Black.

e92 ecm mount

Quantity: Sold individually. Notes: Designed to hold the factory PCM. Chevrolet Performance PCM mounting brackets will attach your factory powertrain control module firmly and safely. They're manufactured from durable plastic and have pre-drilled mounting holes and positions for an easy installation.

I have a Customer Service question order, shipping, returns, etc. I would like to ask other customers a question about this Product. I am using this in a 66 Chevy truck. There are three mounting holes that are slightly wider than the PCM. A sheetmetal screw or a bolt is a great fit, you can use it to mount the PCM anywhere that is about an inch larger than PCM and that your wires will reach. Just be sure you have the correct orientation and that the locking bar swings far enough to allow the PCM to insert to the bracket.

The double retention is nice, Plastic clips and a steel bar are both very solid.